Got too much stuff in your life keeping you from doing the things you really want to do?

We can help!

At Vashon Estate Sales, liquidating stuff is what we do.

From big stuff to little stuff, useful stuff to useless stuff, we’ve got you covered…or uncovered.

Take a moment to review our Q&A to see what’s possible.

Q:  Nobody died, so I don’t have a big estate to sell, I just have a garage full of stuff that we no longer use.  Can you sell this stuff for me?

A:  Of course! We take things in on a consignment basis all the time. One item, ten items, a hundred, or an entire household, we can sell it all for you.  We always anchor our sales with the contents of several large estates and then fill in with consignment items.

Q:  When do you have your sales, and how will I know you are having one?

A:  When our shop is full, it is time for a sale! The pending sale date is advertised, about a week in advance of the sale, on our website,, our Facebook page (Vashon Island Estate Sales and Property Liquidation Services,) on Craig’s List, and through our own private email list. The email-list folks get the first heads-up, followed by our website, and Facebook. If you live on the Island you will undoubtedly see our signage beginning Thursday before a sale event.   We will then hold two-day sale events about three weeks apart for the remainder of the year. The sale events are always on a weekend, Saturday and Sunday, from 10 AM to 5:00 PM.

Q:  Are all of your sales held at the old Sound Food building?

A:  Most are indeed, but not necessarily so.  We occasionally stage a sale onsite when there is sufficient parking and easy access to the house. That said, we’ve found that our central location, with its ample parking and reliable atmosphere, results in significantly increased sales.

Q:  Can you sell my items and give my proceeds to an organization that I’d like to support?

A:  Yes, we can direct the proceeds to whomever you’d like or any organization you wish, including the local Scouting groups, Jill’s Farm, Vashon Youth and Family Services, the DOVE Project, Friends of Mukai, Voice of Vashon, the Senior Center, the Scholarship Foundation, Pet Protectors, American Hero Quilts, Zero Waste Vashon, Vashon Alliance to Reduce Substance Abuse, the Rotary Club, Vashon Household, Vashon Community Care, the Vashon Maury Island Heritage Association, just to name a few.

Q:  How much does it cost to have you sell our stuff?

A:  We charge a competitive, flat rate commission on the gross sales of your items. We store, sort, clean, prepare, research, price, organize and stage all items consigned. We also pay all the credit card fees on the sales of your items.  Our commission rate varies slightly, depending only on whether you deliver the items to the shop, or the items are retrieved from your location by our moving crew and box truck.  As you know in any enterprise, if you want all of the money, you need to do ALL of the work. At VIES, we pay you more than half the money and WE do ALL the work.

Q:  We are selling our house and moving out of state.  The home stager wants most of our furniture gone, with only a few pieces remaining for staging.  We don’t know when the house will sell, but we won’t want any of the remaining staging furniture either.  How do you handle this?

A:  We are very flexible, so that’s easy. We can take the first load of furniture whenever you are ready to let it go. We will then take the second load after the house sells. It is not required that your items all sell in the same sale.

Q:  We have a storage locker that is full and no time for a garage sale.  Can you haul the stuff away and sell it for us?

A: Yes, we have a large box truck and an experienced moving crew that can empty a storage locker in just a few hours.

Q:  Granddad’s old garage is cluttered with a mix of good stuff, things we have no clue about, and just plain garbage.  Can you help get it sorted and cleaned out?

A:  Yes, we can offer a few options. First, our team can completely sort the garage in a matter of hours, separate the wheat from the chaff, pack up anything sellable, and haul it off to be sold.  We do not charge you for the time we spend sorting the through the clutter. Our compensation for hauling the sellable items is already built into our sales commission. At that point you have a couple of choices. You can opt to continue the cleanup on your own, secure in the knowledge that you won’t throw away anything that you shouldn’t have, or you can choose to have our team return with the truck and trailer to haul the remaining garbage to the landfill. We charge a very fair hourly rate for this garbage hauling service, plus the actual dump fees.

Q:  What kind of things do you take to be sold?  What won’t you take?

A:  We take almost anything as long we know it, in our experience, to be sellable. Text us some photos and we will let you know. We generally turn away items that are broken, unserviceable, esthetically dated, out-of-date, missing pieces, difficult to display, soiled, exhibit strong odors, pet damaged, too large for our space, or any item that we do not have high confidence in securing a buyer for. Exercise equipment must be less than two years old and in exceptional condition.  No CRT televisions, entertainment centers, floral couches, remodeling remains, old appliances, executive desks, old office equipment, stinky vacuums, water beds. All of these rules have their exceptions so when in doubt, please ask.

Q:  Can you sell mattresses?

A:  Yes. We can take them in if they are less than five years old, in pristine condition, no stains, from a non-smoking home with no pets.

Q:  Once you sell my items, how quickly do I get my money?

A:  We mail all proceeds checks within ten days of the sale event. This allows us time to handle any returns, make any final sales, clear any payment checks, process all of the consignor’s accounting paperwork and write individual checks.

Q:  There are thousands of items in your sales!  How do you track my items and know they are mine?

A:  Every consignor is assigned a unique “vendor” number. Your vendor number is printed on every pricing tag attached to every item that belongs to you. Upon sale, cashiers enter the item’s price under your specific vendor number. Our online cash register allows us to accept credit cards and to track every vendor’s gross sales.

Q:  What happens to the items that don’t sell?

A:  We have a really good track record of selling darn near everything. That said, there will almost always be a few leftovers. We typically hold unsold items of a higher value, those that we know normally sell, and give them a second chance in a future sale. You will be credited for those sales. If you do not want your unsold items, we are happy to take them to charity for you. You are also welcome to come in late on Sunday during the sale and retrieve your unsold items if you wish to do so.

Q:  I have my own truck. When can I drop my items off at the shop?

A:  Just give a call or text to 206-612-1773 and we will coordinate a time to meet you there. We typically work weekdays, 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM. We are often out of the shop picking up items from clients, so texting ahead is best. We prefer that deliveries arrive at the shop no later than the Tuesday preceding a weekend sale event. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse any item delivered to the shop that has not been previously reviewed by our staff. It is always best to text us photos of what you intend to deliver.

Q:  How do I get on your email list?

A:  If you would like to receive notifications about upcoming sales via email you may go to our website and use the sign up form found on the home page, bottom of the left column.  Your data is safe; we do not use the email list data for any other purpose.